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‘Sous rature’ – Under erasure

The strike-through is a wonderful mark– its part of a ‘hidden’ family of non-phonetic devices (parerga?) that contribute to the power of typography– the spaces, punctuation’s, dingbats and margins etc.

There is a cute confluence of ideas here. Derrida stole the ‘crossing out’ from Heidegger, placing ‘is’ under erasure and turning it into an undecidable– an oscillation that is neither present or absent. Jean-Luc Marion would do the same with the word ‘God’, revealing the problem of representation and being (God without being)– something that would not be out of place within the Apophatic tradition.

For me, the use of the horozontal strike-through has another echo, Swiss modernism and particularly Wolfgang Weingart. He was the bridge between Modernist and PoMo graphic design, ‘The Daddy’ who effectively made the strike-through his own.

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