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wow - long blog post! you still seem captured by vaux or at least it embodied a lot of things you hold dear, so what happens next? where is the carnival now?

have you seen design anarchy by kalle lasne of adbusters btw?


Yea, they’re not meant to be that long– blog constipation, I feel better now.

You’re right, the ‘itch’ won’t go away. Vaux was both deeply frustrating and amazing– and yes, I do miss elements of it. This blog is just another attempt to make sense of the same ‘itch’ that lead us to set up Vaux.

There’s a few interesting things on the Horizon for next year, that may or may not come through. I’m still really interested in the ‘Eucharist as resistance’ and would be interested in exploring this collectively– especially in terms of mobility, temporality and the urban context (Carnival).

I’m afraid I’ve never liked adbusters– they’re a bit one trick ponies. Also, to be honest, I don’t really trust their intentions. You know, in that ‘Howies-gate’ way, Black-spot trainers and all that.


i like them... we live after purity anyway.

noticed this - http://thebolgblog.typepad.com/thebolgblog/2006/09/witness_as_crea.html


Quite. That's why I like Cavanaugh's 'world in a wafer' essay.


Heterotopic spaces.

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