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Derrick Watson

Nic - you are doing fascinating work here, and we should probably reactivate the discussion we had started before Christmas. I have been reading Sheldrake again in the last few weeks and been immensely moved by his approach to the resacralising of (all) space. It struck me when I was reading your post that the nomadic radical rootlessness approach resonates with a personal journey but how does it alter the nature and occurrence of gathering spaces for congregational practices of living?


Derrick, good to hear from you again. I've still got your 'Deleuzian' word document on my desktop– it's annotated with loads of questions. I've been meaning to send it since Christmas! I will do this.

This is an are I really want to follow ,and yes with a collective gloss. I was going to talk to you about it— could be interesting!

nic paton

I'm reminded of Thoreau's small book on walking here: He traces the meaning of the word "saunter" to I think, "Sans Terre", "without land".

One downside to the vocation of the journeyman is the feeling that you didn't stick at things quite long enough to reap the rewards, do you ever get that?


Know what you mean, although I don't tend to experience that. I like the notion of returning to a place and refining through iteration– navigating the rhizome.

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