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congrats - will be gettig one to read

steve collins

no more 'anonymous worker' then?

looks like grafik can't understand haunted geographies either ;)

well done though. surprised you didn't get a vaux logo in there. what happened to the 'type as camouflage' thing? will the meme tent be a priestly garment at vx 2.0?

re wired:
i subscribed to UK wired and had the whole run at one time, but i only kept about six in the end. sho nuff found your name in the credits. weird.


Alright Stevo, how you doing?

Yup, AnonymousWorkers is going. As much as I like the name, it makes absolutely no sense, particularly in this context. The ‘Type and Camouflage’ thing was in the original interview but never made the edit, along with a couple of other cute sound-bytes. I’m really pleased with the write up, but it looks like SEA got the junior to ‘tip-in’ those images!

Not sure what you mean by Grafik not ‘understanding’ HauntedGeographies– I didn’t even mention this blog as a project. Thought it would complicate things too much.

The MemeTent was presented as a comment on dogmatic thought and ‘Fundamentalism’, the opposite of an ‘open’ text. Interesting that they framed that as ‘a particular set of issues’!

I worked on the Last 3 issues of the UK Wired– before we were all made redundant! A real shame, as it was a fantastic place to work. It’s my hand on the front of the final issue. Bizarrely, it was all about what was then called ‘push’ media– 10 years on and its one of the mainstays of Web 2.0 (RSS and all that).


Hi Nic,

Just picked up a copy of Grafik by chance and caught your profile.

Interesting article, was particularly intrigued by the tumbleweed project. Struck me as very reminiscent of the Situationists pyschogeography and drifting.

I'm working on bringing an updated version of Debord and the Situationists critique to the masses. Combining real life situations with online distractions and provocative graphic design. Should be good.

The tumbleweeds have really inspired me!



Katie, glad you liked the Tumbleweeds and yes they are massively informed by Situationist practice. Having said that, the tumbleweeds and this blog probably owe more to Michel de Certeau and the itinerant (drifter) archetype. Though, like all that generation of French thinkers, the events ‘68 continue to be pivotal. What I like about de Certeau is the way he draws on a far older tradition– linking mysticism and post-modernity.

Have you come across the MIT publication: ‘The Interventionists’? I think you’ll like it.


Thanks for the MIT recommendation; I keep meaning to read this. Will definitely seek it out!

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