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You, a bureaucrat? Is this the new humility, downgrading the creative to civic functionalism? Or are you doing a sacrilising upgrade on the lowest common denominator?

It's all very cheeky. The DJ as doorman to the sacred ... great debate, which I have been having for some years. The continuum (from my jaded muso POV) is this DJ: Presses 1 button every 3m30sec— Musician: realtime feedback with the sounds being produced by the whole being. Is holding half a headphoneset between ear and shoulder a musical performance?

Surely the cultural landscape you describe is still one amonst many ... and those who do not relate to curating as the new definition of creativity should not merely be seen to be retreating nostalgics?

Nostaligia is after all "home-sickness" and this thrashing through the territory of the postmodern is all about incarnation, an attempt to find home and belonging.

In a recombinatory world, what role is there for those wanting to just play pianoforte, paint with oils or author an original font?


Nic, great questions, keep them coming– so in response:

Both— increasingly I’m fed up with old notions of authorship and originality. I’m well in favor of more ‘dialogic’ responses to creativity. So it’s more about co-creation and dialogue, art is not something you have ‘done to you’; it’s something you participate in and construct together– author AND reader, designer AND user.

I understand what you mean by ‘Doorman to the sacred’, but are you not exchanging the priest for a DJ? You’ve still got a gatekeeper– a specialist who resides over proceedings.

Also, where do you stand in terms of the ‘sacred’? It’s a ‘binary’ I less and less understand– Often the most ‘profane’ statements are the most spiritual, just and life enhancing, ‘blasphemy is not apostasy’.

I totally agree about the wide ‘cultural landscape’ or event horizon– meshworks co-exist with hierarchies and it’s not about one or the other. I was being cheeky.

Like you, I’m congenitally homesick in an ‘uncanny’ cosmos. I equally suspect that ‘becoming’ grants no home or rest and that is our condition, that is our lot.

nic paton

Nic: I concur regarding the Sacred Binary. I'm on an unlearning/learning trajectory of Incarnation, and for me the Panentheistic POV is making a lot of sense.

There is so much stuff appearing that turns out to be the same rhizome ... its uncanny, almost ecstatically so at the moment for me. Its a huge challange to celebrate this, especially here in South Africa.

Congential homesickness, I feel this disease keenly. I think ALL of us are deeply ill, but many or most choose to medicate themselves, an-aethetise, instead of aethetising into and through the pain, and into truth.

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