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i like this reflection a lot - thanks!


thank you for this reflection - resonates loudly with my soul


Cheers Gayle, always good to hear, means those thoughts aren't so off the wall and crazy.


Liking this post.... resonate with the sympathies herein... espcially endo quotes!
Wondering something similar recently about poetry and symbol.. whether the best way to deal with/(under)stand this is as a form of art...
but does art heal? It's inspiration hints at a 'yes'. but what heals then, a representation of an ideal or a substance within the ideal..or simply the representation... increasingly there can be no distinction, (freeforms), one is the other.. faith as a form of art practice, playing in the realms of imagination...


GSC, always good to make contact— we’re both Endonauts.

Your post keeps coming back to be from time to time. I’m with you on the ‘no distinctions’, or the irreducibility of things; heal or hurt, it makes little sense to pinpoint individual protagonists. The patterns keep changing.

I’m reminded of Lefebvre’s notion of ‘poetic being'. In my mind it seems to chime with ‘… faith as a form of art practice, playing in the realms of imagination...’.

Maybe catch up gb10 !-)

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