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Leif Garret

big shame, nice article

ah....... The Orb


Still grieving.

Still regretting not getting the one that was released and deleted on the same day. You even gave me a heads up and I didn't do it— duh! What a Molly!

The Orb apart,
I bet you've got a fair bit of DR collateral stashed in your roof.

Leif Garret

Looking at a lot of it right now - Age of Chance, LFO, Autechre, Sun Electric. Got some nice old Orb t-shirts and sweat-shirts but most of them have seen better days.

While I followed them closely, I always tried to think of the Orb not as a group, but a benevolent machine. This was never tricky at their gigs.

The DR stuff shaped the way that machine looked and - crikey - what a gleaming machine it was.

Only problem is, eventually it ran out of batteries.

Oh, and as for the one you missed out on - it was a classic but you can still get it pretty cheap.


'a benevolent machine'- that's genius.

Leif Garret

I could yap on about Glastonbury '93, standing in a field, barefooted, watching the machine gently hum to itself...


I was there. A great moment...

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